How to Use Instagram Live and What is it Useful for

How to Use Instagram Live and What is it Useful for was first published on: Canada West SEO Company

Instagram was created in 2009 as a photo sharing app. With continuous updates, it now allows sharing videos, Instagram stories and also broadcasting your live videos. I have observed that with these updates everyone talks about using Instagram stories, videos, photos and other features but Instagram live streams are one feature that is underused. So, today I am going to talk about this feature. And I hope I will make you all understand that how you can use Instagram live for your business and why you should be using Instagram live for your business

What is Instagram Live?

To understand this feature first, you need to know what it is. Instagram Live videos don’t restrict you to a limit of 10-seconds videos like Instagram stories and videos, but you can broadcast live video session for up to an hour. Instagram Live is an incredible channel to gain followers on Instagram fast and engage with them, as well as it helps you with your larger business goals.

Until recent updates, Instagram Live videos are just gone when you end your broadcast but now you have the option to share your Live Broadcast Video for next 24 hours, or you can just discard it. It is entirely up to you.

How to Use Instagram Live for your Business?

After knowing what Instagram Live is, your next question would be how you can use it for your business. Well, to answer that I am going to share with you all Instagrammers how you can use Instagram live for your business.

Live Question/Answer Sessions: You can use Instagram to engage your followers and reach your targeted audience by using Instagram Live sessions. You can use this feature by starting interactive Q/A sessions in which you can answer all your followers’ queries that they ask in a live video right away. It is the best way to increase your engagement with your audience by interacting with them.

Behind the scene tours: Another way to use Instagram Live for your business is by starting behind the scenes tours. People love to watch what is going on behind those curtains especially behind the curtains of businesses. This increases the authenticity of your business in the eyes of your viewers. You can show people how you add final touches to your products, show them how your team works behind the scene, you can show them how you train your trainees for a workout, behind the scenes of photo shoots, etc.

Event streaming: If you attend any event that is related to your business or if you have your event going on, you can live broadcast it on Instagram to engage your followers who don’t get a chance to attend that event. It will increase your number of viewers on your Instagram Live and helps you reach your target audience. Your presence there and your commentary on the live event make your live session more interactive.

Use Instagram Live for a class, tutorial or demo: Instagram Live can be used to show your customers how your products and service work through your live tutorial and demos of your newly launched products. It means businesses can host live video classes to teach their customers how to use their product or service. It will help you highlight your product features and boost sales for your businesses. It can also be used to host Live Instagram classes. For instance, makeup artists can host live video sessions for makeup classes or tutorials, etc.

So, you see there are many ways to use Instagram Live for your business. You just need to be creative in making your Live sessions more interesting, interacting and engaging to make full out of this Instagram’s feature.

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Why is it Useful for Your Business?

The next question I am going to answer is why Instagram live is useful for your business. For that, I would say that Instagram Live is another best way to engage your followers with your business. It helps you become discoverable to your targeted audience. As according to Instagram algorithm the more your stories and posts are engaging the more are the chances that your post will reach your targeted customers feed, same is the case with your Instagram Live Videos if you succeed in driving ton of engagement and viewers on your Instagram Live video, you will end up on the explore page of Instagram, and you will be able to expose your business to more people, gain followers on Instagram fast and convert them into your potential customers.

Instagram live is the place to build up your trust relationship with your followers. It will help you boost sales for your business. You can broadcast whatever you want to for your customers, but make sure to make your Instagram Live engaging enough to make full out of this.

This was all about Instagram Live. So, if you are running your business on Instagram, I would suggest you do check out this feature and make full use of it if you haven’t had the taste of this yet. Good luck with and happy broadcasting!


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